Heather is in development for a number of projects including TELL US WHAT HAPPENED by Michelle that premiers in EDMONTON in May of this year with Theatre Yes.

Michelle Robb is dancer, actor, writer, and improviser who has been working with Heather Inglis at The Citadel Theatre Young Playwrights’ Company over the last three years and has recently been accepted in the BFA acting program.

 TELL US WHAT HAPPENED is the story of a group of University friends who run a Facebook group where young women can go for support in case of sexual assault and rape. As the play begins, a young woman discloses date rape and it is revealed that the young man accused is a member of the young women’s friend-group and a very close friend of the group’s creator.

 Michelle is a bright young talent whose accomplishment with TELL US WHAT HAPPENED is significant. Her razor-sharp dialogue reveals fleshy characters who struggle in the urgency of our times. Her play embraces the messy nature of morality in 2018, offering audiences juicy discussions about how to proceed towards justice in #metoo. We have prioritized this project over others because we feel this work is important, offering a multi-dimensional view of the pressing and complicated issues of our times. TELL US WHAT HAPPENED is written by a talented young woman, uniquely positioned to open a dialogue with her own generation about what justice might like as we acknowledge the terrible cost of rape culture. The play will be produced in partnership with Azimuth Theatre and the Edmonton Sexual Assault Centre.

Meanwhile, Theatre Yes will be in residence at Victoria School for the Arts, Edmonton’s premier Arts School. Heather continues to lead the Citadel Theatre’s Young Playwrights Company and will lead workshops with Alberta Playwrights Network throughout the year.

She is looking forward to directing the newest draft of Bevin Dooley new play IN CAMERA in September’s Script Salon, Edmonton. Script Salon is a monthly play reading series presented by the Playwrights Guild of Canada and Alberta Playwrights Network.